Do you have problems in your relationship?

So you are probably facing a dilemma right now. Should we fight for it or is it too late? Can we change the relationship from difficult to good and close – and should we go to couples therapy? Is it even possible to change our ways of being together? And does emotion-focused couple therapy help? Does it help?

Yes, it helps! I know from experience that couples therapy works and the research speaks for itself. Most of the couples who come to emotion-focused couple therapy feel helped, they have an experience of being emotionally connected and understand each other much better. It has also been scientifically proven time and time again that emotional availability and security are the foundation of a good relationship. Couples therapy Copenhagen works.

Invest in each other.

In couples therapy, a safe space is established where you can approach each other again and, in the long term, give you a more harmonious coexistence. Couples therapy Copenhagen can be very helpful and the best investment you will ever make in your relationship or marriage. Wellness stays or romantic restaurant visits are very nice, but it doesn’t move in the long run. In the long run, you must learn to be emotionally available, listen to each other and deal with what is difficult between you. As a couple’s therapist, I can help you with that.

Problems and differences in the relationship.

All relationships experience problems at different life stages and ages, it has always been that way – and it will probably continue to be that way. Many everyday problems challenge us. In couples therapy, the most common everyday conflicts often come to the fore first: upbringing, work, roles in the home, finances, sex, jealousy, in-laws, time, work and traditions.

It is not the disagreement and our differences in the relationship as such that is the problem – no, the problem is how we handle these disagreements and differences. An example could be that we often take the conflict right when it arises, over the packed lunches at quarter past one. That is why it often goes wrong. We cannot deal with difficult feelings and disagreements at random times. In couples therapy, I help you find the right time and the right method to deal with your problems. Love is far too important to be left to chance.

Fortunately, many couples have realized that they don’t have to manage everything themselves when life together becomes difficult. Today, it is not taboo to seek a professional as couples therapy for the relationship or marriage.

Couples therapy Copenhagen is learning to respectfully enter into vulnerability together!

Couples therapy is about dressing well, to dare to be more open and available to each other. In addition to again and again entering the difficult and vulnerable emotional states, you gain an understanding of the patterns that are in flux in your relationship or marriage. I often meet couples who, surprised and not least hopeful, leave the session with an aha experience and a completely new understanding of each other. In couples therapy, for the first time in a long time, they have managed to be in deep emotional contact. It can be a big eye-opener to experience your partner responding emotionally positively again.

And yes. We are different as people and we are also very similar! And no. Couples therapy is not necessarily rocket science, but couples therapy gives you the opportunity to learn to recognize the destructive patterns that play out between you so that you understand what it is that creates distance between you. I then help you to re-establish good emotional contact between you that is fruitful and constructive.

In couples therapy, we also know a lot about what not to do! In other words, knowledge of which fall groups you should try to avoid.

Couples therapy is also therapy.

In couple therapy, we also examine the underlying patterns and causes of your problems. We all carry patterns with us from the past. We have these from our own families and in life before we met the other. Couples therapy is also a deeper study of the patterns that you carry with you. Patterns that can be difficult to see and understand and that we are not aware of. You may easily see that you have a behavior that creates problems and hurts one or both of you.

It can be difficult to understand the underlying reasons for these patterns. Maybe you wonder how it is that you get so overwhelmed when you have to talk that you run your way, or that you get angry so quickly and jump into the boxing ring ready to fight.

Are there scratches in the plate?

When there is discord between you and you may even experience “a scratch in the plate”, meaning you have the same conflicts over and over again, there are often more hidden themes at play. Maybe it’s about a lack of care, respect or mistrust in your relationship. Themes that are specifically about a deep longing or a need that may come out in an argument about the dishes, but which for one or both of them is about a lack of appreciation or attention.


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