As the calendar turns to spring, many of us are getting into the spirit of renewal by decluttering our homes and freshening up our lives. Alongside this mental spring cleaning, it’s crucial to address any lingering questions about sex, particularly when it comes to the safety of condoms.

Let’s dive into the essential information about condoms, including their effectiveness in preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies, as well as tips for using them more safely.

1.   The Safety of Condoms:

Condoms have been used for centuries as a form of contraception, providing protection against both STIs and unwanted pregnancies when used correctly. Among various condom brands, Durex stands out as the world’s #1 condom brand, known for its commitment to quality. All Durex condoms undergo rigorous testing, with 100% of them electronically tested and additional quality checks conducted for each batch.

2. Effectiveness Against STIs:

When used properly, condoms offer highly effective protection against STIs. However, it’s essential to recognize that they are not 100% foolproof in preventing transmission. Certain STIs can spread through skin-to-skin contact in areas not covered by the condom. For example, if your partner has an STI like herpes or HPV with open sores in an area away from the genitals, transmission can occur through sexual touching.

To enhance protection, open and honest conversations with sexual partners about their STI status are crucial. Although these discussions might feel awkward, they are essential for peace of mind and safeguarding one’s health.

3. Reliability in Preventing Pregnancy:

When used correctly, condoms boast a 98% effectiveness rate in preventing pregnancy, according to Planned Parenthood. However, this rate can decrease if condoms are used incorrectly or experience tears during use. In case of a condom tear or breakage during intercourse, seeking advice from a medical professional promptly is essential, as the condom’s effectiveness is compromised.

4. Tips for Safer Use:

Proper usage significantly impacts the effectiveness of condoms. Here are some essential tips to ensure safer usage:

– Store condoms at room temperature, avoiding warm places like wallets or cars.

– Check the expiration date to ensure the condoms are still valid.

– Use the appropriate Durex lube alongside the selected Durex condom.

– Never use two condoms together (double bagging) as it can lead to friction and tearing.

– Follow the correct method for putting on and removing the condom (squeezing the teat lightly and rolling it to the base of the penis).

– Choose the right size condom using the Durex Find Your Right Fit Tool for optimum comfort and effectiveness.

5. Choosing the Right Condom:

Durex, with its 90+ years of experience, offers a diverse range of products tailored for different preferences. Select from:

– Thin & ultimate thin condoms for enhanced sensitivity.

– Sensi-thin XL or invisible XL for a comfortable fit if you’re on the wider side.

– Flavoured condoms for a fun experience.

– Ribbed and dotted condoms for added sensation.

Explore the full Durex condom range to ensure your sexual experiences are both pleasurable and protected. Remember, while condoms significantly reduce the risk, no contraceptive method is 100% effective against pregnancy, HIV, or STIs. Always read the provided information, especially when using condoms for anal or oral sex, to stay informed and safe.

So, as you embrace the spirit of spring cleaning, take charge of your sexual health too. With proper knowledge and correct condom usage, you can enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex life throughout the spring season and beyond—cheers to a protected and joyful journey ahead!


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