How to Date During the #MeToo Era

Valenti Matchmaking’s team believes falling in love is one of the most beautiful parts of human life. We also understand that consent and safety are crucial for a successful and deeply loving relationship. It’s important to talk about the best ways to start a relationship, especially as society evolves for the better. Olivia Petter’s article from The Independent offers insight on how to date in a new, more aware age.

How to Date in the #MeToo Era

The #MeToo movement has changed dating, adding new layers of nuance and complexity. It’s given a voice to victims of sexual assault and held perpetrators accountable. But what does this mean for dating?

It may seem strange to ask, but in today’s dating scene, where playing it cool often stops us from talking openly about comfort levels, it’s a necessary question.

Recognizing the Difference Between Harassment, Flirting, and Harassment

Danielle Parsons explains that sexual harassment is any unwanted behavior with a sexual element.

According to Parsons, such behavior is considered harassment under the Equality Act 2010 if it harms the dignity of the victim or creates an intimidating, degrading, or humiliating environment at work.

She told The Independent that behavior could be seen as harassing even if the harasser didn’t intend it that way.

It doesn’t have to be aimed at someone specifically, nor does a victim need to have objected to the behavior previously for it to be unwelcome.

Being Careful with Colleagues

Office relationships happen, with one in five Brits meeting their life partners at work.

Howell suggests making your “first move” outside of work to keep personal and professional lives separate as much as possible.

She also talks about relationships where one person is senior to another or has decision-making power over their career. She labels relationships with a boss as “inappropriate” and suggests changing jobs if pursuing such a relationship is important to you.

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