Today we are going to talk about two things that are very exciting and healthy for the human body.  We are of course talking about yoga and sex. 

We are going to combine them and find out the benefits of yoga for better sex. We will tell you everything about yoga and sex along with yoga poses to improve sex.

But we must tell you that yoga for sex is not just about flexibility. Yoga has a lot more benefits when it comes to sexuality than just flexibility.  

There are so many benefits of sex when you do yoga regularly. There are also a lot of yoga poses for better sex time and there are even poses in yoga for longer and better sex. 

We are going to answer the question” Does yoga help sexually?” in great detail. So let us look at why yoga is amazing for sexual health and performance. 



Yoga is extremely good for body awareness. Body awareness is one of the necessities when you are trying to have good sex. 

If you can train your body with yoga then you will be more mindful of your positions and your body situations. 

You will be more in control of your sensations so that you can last longer in bed. It is a known fact that yoga for long-lasting in bed is a real possibility. Yoga will help you tune your movements and sensations. 

People have this idea that less sensitivity will mean more long-lasting sex but yoga will enable you to have the best sensitivity and the best-lasting sex. 


No sex is good sex if you have tension and stress on your mind. Yoga is one of the most peaceful experiences you can encounter in the world. It is exercise and meditation combined into one. 

Yoga is not remotely sexual or not even related to sex and it is about inner peace. That inner peace will calm you down and take away all your stress. That is why you can use yoga to increase your sexual energy by having stress-free sex. 

When you do not have any stress during sex you will be able to perform better and you will be able to attain satisfaction.  

This is because you will forget all the stress that comes with performance anxiety. 

Performance anxiety can even lead to things like erectile dysfunction and that is why yoga for erectile dysfunction is also a good option. It is because yoga takes away the stress of performance. 


Blood flow is one of the most important aspects of sex biologically. It is because if you are male then your erection is just possible because of blood flow to your genitalia. 

Blood flow will also help you not get tired during sex because the better blood flow you have the more oxygenated you will stay during sex. 

That is why you can understand why blood flow is important during sex. Yoga has this unique capability of making sure there is excellent blood flow. 

Yoga does this with the help of different breathing techniques so that your blood circulation is a lot more uniform and better. 

Yoga ensures that every region of your body has good blood flow especially the pelvic region which is essential for sex. Yoga is based on ancient science and it can definitely help you with blood flow. 

Better blood flow is also very important for your general health. This is because the better your blood will flow the better your heart will be.  

And that is why yoga is not just good for sexual wellness but it is good for overall wellness which is rare for any other kind of exercise. 


Emotional balance is one of the most important benefits of yoga. Yoga is all about balancing the body and the mind to be stable no matter the circumstances. 

And if you talk about sex, it is one of the most unstable circumstances when the mind is taken over by love and lust. 

That is why yoga such as the Pranayama is excellent for emotional balance. This kind of yoga will help you get the essence of your surroundings subconsciously as well as unconsciously. 

You will be able to relax yourself no matter the situation. This will boost your confidence and performance anxiety will get reduced to nothing.  

You will remember that you are not doing sex to impress anyone but to feel pleasure. 

Yoga will bring a newfound confidence in you that is essential for a deeper connection during sex which is not possible without yoga. 


Sex requires strength. Strength is even more important when you are doing sex compared to flexibility.  

You can gain flexibility just from things like cardio and gymnastics but not core strength.

If you need to truly achieve the best core body strength possible then you need to practice all the different poses that yoga has to offer.

You might not be able to do all of them at once as some of them are practically impossible for beginners. 

But you will begin to master them eventually with disciple and you are going to gain excellent muscle strength.

This core body strength will strengthen your pelvic floor. The best part about this is that it applies to both men and women.

One of the important benefits of yoga is a mind-body connection. You can only have a proper mind-body connection when your body produces stability and has core strength.

But that core strength is of no use if you do not have a strong mind to control that strength.  

The beautiful thing about yoga is that it can specifically make sure the body and mind connection is strong.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand how yoga is very beneficial for sex not just from a standpoint of better flexibility but from multiple points of benefit. 

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